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The following conditions are part of the registration agreement with USA Futsal.

All international group’ players, coaches, officials and spectators that are part of your group must purchase a USA Futsal tournament package.

Each team in each age group must have a minimum of 8 players and 1 coach who have all purchased a package. If there are 10 players or more in one team then the coach place is free.

Payment Schedule
After receiving your acceptance email and invoice you have 10 days to pay non-refundable Team Registration fee of 1500 euros. Failure to pay will result in your place being offered to the next team on the waiting list.

May 1st - You are required to have paid 25% of your invoice amount (the Team Registration Fee is included in your 25%)
July 1st - You are required to have paid 50% of your invoice amount
September 1st - You are required to have paid 75% of your invoice amount
November 1st - You are required to have paid the balance (100%) of your invoice

Any team applying after these deadlines added late will have 21 days after their deposit is paid to get up to date to the schedule of payments. Any additional packages added later will also have 21 days have their addition to be up to date with the payment schedule.

Missed Deadline Administration Charge
1st Missed Payment Deadline - 50 Euros
Subsequent Missed Payment Deadline - 100 Euros
After November 1st if you have not paid the balance you will incur a 25 euro daily administration charge until you are up to date with payments
After 1st December - If you have a remaining balance you participation will be cancelled with loss of non-refundable Team Registration Fee and 500 euro administration charge

10% Discount
All packages registered before May 1st with payment of 25% by this date will receive a 10% discount. If this payment deadline is missed then the 10% discount will be lost.

All payments are subject to a 3% processing fee.

Arrivals & Departures
All international groups must arrive on or before 26th December 2017 and depart on or after the 31st (note: extra hotel nights must be purchased if your stay is more than 5 nights).
No team is permitted to arrive or depart on or between 27th and 30th December as this is during tournament play.

Airport Transfers
Airport transfers can be from either Barcelona El Prat or Girona airport.
Airport transfers are not allowed outside of dates that the group does not have accommodation booked with USA Futsal. We do not provide any airport transfers on or between 27th and 30th December.
Each international group receives 1 airport transfer arrival pick up/departure drop off. Any group over 35 persons may receive an additional pick up/departure drop off. Any group over 80 may receive a 3rd pick up/departure drop off.

Any additional transfers (with capacity for up to 55 persons) can be purchased at 350 euros for each individual one way transfer. I.e. An additional transfer on arrival and on departure will be charged at 700 euros.

Team Information
Roster, player/team photos and club badge must be received by 1st November 2017 at the latest in the form requested by USA Futsal with all information complete.  

Rosters can be up to 16 players but only 14 players can be in each match squad. Minimum of 8 players on the roster. A player is restricted to playing in one age category for the duration of the tournament.
Only players and club officials (maximum of 3) that are listed on the roster are permitted on the playing area/court.

Player Eligibility
It is the participating clubs’ responsibility to ensure all their players meet the age category that they applied for.
Age eligibility will be checked on arrival and for a player to be permitted to play they must produce either a passport or official government identification card (any alternative form of ID must be confirmed with USA Futsal that it is acceptable when purchasing the package for that individual).

USA Futsal will not accept responsibility and cannot issue refunds for players that are not permitted to play due to being found to not meet the age criteria or don’t have proof of age, at any time. Under no exceptions will players who do not meet their appropriate age category be permitted to participate in tournament play.

Replacing Players
Players may be substituted on the roster due to injury or other unforeseen circumstance until 1st December 2017 free of charge. After this date a player may be replaced but the new player must purchase one a USA Futsal player package at full price. We recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover for such circumstances.

Arrival/Departure Information & Room Lists
These must be received by 1st December 2017 at the latest and in the form requested by USA Futsal with all information completed.

If complete arrival/departure information is not received by this date, the provision by USA Futsal and right to airport transfers is lost and the transfers between the airport and hotel will be their own responsibility. Room lists after this date will result in your group being assigned rooms randomly.

Sports/Travel Insurance
We do not provide travel or sports insurance, we recommend you purchase this for your group. We do have general accident and liability insurance. A physiotherapist will be in attendance at the sports venue to assist with injuries that occur during tournament play.
Match UnifromsEach team must bring two complete (jersey/shorts/socks) match uniforms that are distinct colors from each other. Please bring your own pennies/bibs as they will not be provided.

Code of Conduct
Every person that has a package with USA Futsal or attends the event agrees to abide by the following code of conduct;

It is of the greatest importance for USA Futsal that our events can be enjoyed by everyone in a fun, welcoming and safe environment. To ensure this we issue a code of conduct that everyone who attends our events agrees to abide by including players, coaches, team officials, supporters, family members, USA Futsal staff and referees.

-To behave and treat others in a respectful and responsible manner.-To not carry out any actions, whether verbally or physically, that threaten the health or well being of other participants.

-A philosophy of aiming to win through giving your best can be promoted but fairplay, development and the promotion of positive values are given precedence.

-Adults will act in a manner that sets a positive role model for the younger participants.

-To abide by the competition rules set out by USA Futsal including ensuring that all players are eligible to participate and meet the age criterion.

This code of conduct applies throughout the event including whilst in sports venues, hotels and on other trips. Anyone or any club found not to be complying with the principles set out here may be subject to disciplinary action by USA Futsal.
This can include expulsion from the event with no compensation provided and refusal of entry into future USA Futsal Events.

Do you already know the packages you would like if your application is successful? (If not, we will send you our brochure & request this information) *

Number of Player/Coach Packages?

Number of Spectator/Official Pacakges?

Are you interested in purchasing a tourism add-on for your packages (additional activities & hotel nights)?

Do you require additional airport transfers? If so, how many (a return transfer equals 2)?

Each group has 1 airport pick up and drop off included. Groups of over 35 receive a 2nd and groups over 80 receive a 3rd. Additional transfers cost 350 euros each way.

Participation Timeline/Checklist

>Complete & Submit This Application Form

>Receive Application Successful Confirmation & Invoice
Alongside confirmation of acceptance you will receive an invoice and have 10 days to pay your non-refundable Team Registration Fee of 1500 euros and guarantee your spot.

>May 1st 2017
Payment - 25% of total invoice amount is due.
Early Bird Discount - Last day that packages can be registered for 10% discount (note 25% of amount has to be paid or discount will be removed for any package)

>July 1st 2017
Payment - 50% of total invoice amount is due

>September 1st 2017
Payment - 75% of total invoice amount is due

>1st November 2017
Payment - 100% of total invoice amount is due.
Team Info Deadline - Last day that rosters, club badge and team photo can be received and players can be replaced. They must complete on the forms we provide.

>1st December 2017
Payments - If there is any outstanding balance on 1st December USA Futsal have the right to cancel your registration/participation.Flight

Arrival/Departure Information/Room List - Last day that arrival/departure information and room list can be received. They must completed using the forms we provide. After this date you lose the right to airport transfers (will be your own responsibility) and rooms assigned randomly.

>27th-30th December 2017
Enjoy a memorable tournament experience

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